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Dear colleagues,

Thank you for visiting our website about the upcoming International Calciphylaxis Registry EuCalNet (European Calciphylaxis Network).

The goal of EuCalNet is, together with our international research partners, to establish a network for clinical and scientific exchange in the field of calciphylaxis (calcific uraemic arteriolopathy, CUA). The European Calciphylaxis Network includes seven European countries:

Belgium: french | dutch | german





The Netherlands


In Germany, we have been collecting data on CUA patients since 2006 via our online registry. We kindly invite you to visit the country-specific websites which will give you a detailed impression of our activities in the field of calciphylaxis. Please click here to select your country / language.

EuCalNet will allow users from different countries and different languages to enter patient data and participate in the registry activities.

Currently we apologize for the temporary inconvenience you may experience related to the fact that only the German version of the registry is fully active on the WWW at the present moment. Please check back shortly, as this will change.

The ERA-EDTA scientific working group on CKD-MBD is strongly supporting us in our activities to integrate our registry activities previously limited to German speaking countries.


You now can find a detailed summary on diagnosis and therapy of Calciphylaxis in The New England Journal of Medicine, please check link below.

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Today the EuCalNET chapter of Belgium went online: You can access it via our main page here ( or via the country specific...

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For any further questions and comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,